Welcome to the Thriving Humanity Leadership Community

Find each other. Inspire each other. Grow with each other.

Matutine (ma-chu-teen) is the moment before dawn.

The Matutine Leadership Community is where new world leaders go to find each other, inspire each other, and grow with each other.

As this community grows you will find a wide array of both online and offline experiences that will help you to:

Authentically grow a network of like-hearted minds where you're both supported and challenged to expand

Learn and practice extraordinary leadership skills and strategies

Ask for help. The network exists to remove barriers and ensure that you lead effectively... so the more you communicate what you need, the better we can do at finding (or creating) solutions.

How does membership work?


  • Find like-hearted minds around the globe who want to do their part to see a thriving humanity future
  • Access member-exclusive leadership gatherings (some will be paid and tickets are limited)

"ACCELERATE" ACCESS >> Grand Opening projected for 2021 with subscription membership

The ACCELERATE program is focused on more intensive learning, relationship-building, and problem-solving led by curated advisors. You will have access to a variety of masterminds, open office hours, support spaces, and group coaching channels.

Who is Matutine?

Meet some of the guides and personalities within the network on our YouTube podcast trailer!


Why Matutine?

"Human reality is little more than a collection of stories and handshakes. We need new stories and new handshakes in our organizations that prioritize a thriving humanity. I've met MANY awesome leaders like you who know this but IT'S HARD to realize these changes when most of our current stories and systems work against it. As a friend of mine says, change moves at the speed of trust. Matutine brings us together so that we can we help each other to become more trustworthy, effective leaders  and build more trustworthy, effective alliances so that better change happens faster." 

Carley Marcelle, Founder of The Matutine Experience Network

How do I get started?

1.) Read our mission, values, and the ground rule. As a values-based community, we adhere to them passionately. If you feel they are in alignment with your own, then welcome home!

2.) Click on Request to Join and in the WHY section, please tell me one challenge you're facing right now, and list any resources you know you need!

The #1 Ground Rule.

We welcome respectful challenges as part of this community. We embrace diversity and inclusion of ideas as well as members. However, we will not tolerate any type of bullying or ridiculing that violates the sanctity of our space. Thank you for understanding.

The Mission

To empower each other to create and serve a thriving humanity.

The Values

Lead from love toward joy + empowerment. If we're not leading toward joy and empowerment, what's the point?

Stay open and practice curiosity. Imagination and the unknown is just as important as knowledge and the known.

Check the ego at the door please. We all have things to teach and things to learn. 

Embrace interdependence.  We embrace a new system of stories, infrastructure, and creation where the uniqueness of each individual is what makes the collective powerful.

Play, have fun, + engage your creativity! Even in the darkest moments, our humor and light-heartedness allows us to continue on. A sense of play is essential for fostering creativity and bonding so ENJOY YOURSELF!

Is it a match made in Heaven?

Sign up now and please answer the first question in the community!

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